Our Services

We offer shows between 30 minutes and 2 hours.


If you have other requirements such as a longer running time, specific song requests, or anything not listed on our website, please get in touch with us!


We always do our best to accommodate your every need!

Our shows are split into three categories:


Authentic WW2 Tribute

Authentic 1940s Tea DANCE


Modern Vintage TEA DANCE

30 Minute Taster

Appetiser anyone?

Whether you need a fill in act in between bands, cover during a break, or an introduction to a show, or production.  Then this could be just the ticket!


This 30 minute set could also be ideal for a marriage proposal, or to serenade the one you love on an anniversary, or as a spiffing birthday treat.

1 Hour Show

If you would like us for 1 hour we do not require a break. The one hour is completed in full.


We will provide Authentic 1940s costume and sound for the entire hour!


Imagine our music and vocal harmonies playing, whilst your guests enjoy a swanky dinner, or an Afternoon Tea.  What about hosting a Tapas and cocktails evening? The possibilities are awfully nice!

Chin Chin! 

2 hour Show

Ladies and Gentleman, this is the ultimate Bchir Sisters experience! With two hours of our best music, you will be transported back in time to the elegant, romantic, glamorous, & sassy era of the 1940s. And who wouldn't want to be part of that?

For two hours, please allow a 20-30 minute break in between shows. There is an option for costume change in between shows to keep things fresh on the eye!

Visit our video and music page to get a preview of what vintage delights await....

Like what we do? Then all you need to do now, is get in touch to book us!

candy in jars

Hello Sweetie!




Pick N Mix 

Want to Pick n Mix our different shows and book a bit of everything? Contact us to see what can be arranged.

How about that for having your cake and eating it!

Strawberry Cake


What a unique act to book for your wedding day! And if you are planning a vintage themed wedding, then we will make a special, and memorable addition to your celebration.

Bride and Groom

Why not throw a fancy dress vintage themed party! With us as your entertainment you cannot go wrong. Now, that's a spiffing idea!